Daz In The Hat Radio Needs YOU

Hat Tracks & Gig Guide At Risk

6/9/20211 min read

I've never been one to approach people cap in hand, and believe very much in reciprocation* yet, like most of us, Daz In The Radio is feeling the pinch of the present cost of living crisis!

Due to a health condition I am in receipt of disability benefits; Employment Support Allowance (ESA), plus PIP (Personal Independent Payment), this income funds this project.

While I have cut running costs as much as possible

Being on such a low income has lead to me having cutting costs:

Swapping to a cheaper web hosting package, making cutbacks where possible.

However, there are services that are essential in keeping Daz In The Hat Radio going

Maintainance (computers, recording equipment, software (apps)).

Purchasing New Music (which in turn supports independent, unsigned artists)

Mixcloud Subscription: From HQ broadcasts, the scheduling shows, artists receiving a percentage of all subscriptions plus more, Pro offers more benefits to all, Daz In The Hat Radio (Creator), Artists & Listeners alike: Free V Pro

Social Media Scheduling: Using a subscription-based service such as Hootsuite or Loomly allows me to help support & promote more independent, unsigned artists, their gigs, plus, of course, my shows.

There are several ways you can support Daz In The Hat Radio in staying on the air:

While on ESA I am allowed to earn £150 per week without it affecting my benefits, with this in mind a small donation via Ko-fi (see footer) when tuning into shows or submitting music (or when your track is aired) would be appreciated.

Alternatively, all artists, venues & event organisers could have events promoted on the website for a small charge - For More Info