Music Submissions

Are you an unsigned artist looking for airplay?

Although Daz In The Hat Radio plays a wide variety of music most of our presenters are passionate about supporting unsigned artists.

Whether you have a brand-new release or looking to reach a larger audience feel free to send in your songs/albums. Before submitting any music please read the guidance below:

  • Listen to my shows to ensure your music fits with the genre - Hat Tracks & Artist In The Spotlight plays ORIGINAL songs only for example

  • All submissions should be in MP3 format (no links to streaming services)

  • All tracks should be correctly named - Song Title - Artist Name plus artwork (if an album)

  • Each submission should include details as to whether the song is an original* or cover* with the writer's name (if possible) plus date of release, and, preferably include an EKP (Electronic Press Kit)**

  • Include your social media details for tagging when track/s are played

  • Where a song/album can be purchased & when

Please note: All presenters have the right to turn down music, as far as myself is concerned, although I do have an eclectic taste I do not play Rap, Hip Hop, Electronic, Modern R&B, Religious/Gospel or music that promotes hate & tracks that include profanity.

Due to the number of submissions, I may not be able to reply to all, however, I will tag all artists on social media when the appropriate show is released.

Please note all radio presenters have a right to play the music they choose, submission of music does not guarantee airplay***

*Although Hat Tracks & Artist In The Spotlight only airs original music, I do play covers on Gig Guide & Jukebox.

**Please send all EPK's in PDF format NOT 'WORD' etc. - Unsure what to include in an EPK? Here is a video from Mike Evans (Unsigned Radio) - Watch Here

***Daz In The Hat Radio does not charge for airplay, however, we are a not-for-profit station entirely run by volunteers. You can help support us by donating towards our running costs via Ko-Fi ***