Music Submissions

Like To Have Your Music Featured On My Shows?

Daz In The Hat Radio is always on the lookout for new music to play on all shows.

Whether you have a brand-new release or looking to reach a larger audience feel free to send in your songs/albums. Before submitting any music please read the guidance below:

  • Listen to my shows to ensure your music fits with the genre - Hat Tracks & Artist In The Spotlight plays ORIGINAL songs only for example

  • All submissions should be in MP3 format (no links to streaming services)

  • All tracks should be correctly named - Song Title - Artist Name plus artwork (if an album)

  • Each submission should include details as to whether the song is an original* or cover* with the writer's name (if possible) plus date of release, and, preferably include an EKP (Electronic Press Kit)**

  • Include your social media details for tagging when track/s are played

  • Where a song/album can be purchased & when

Please note: All presenters have the right to turn down music, as far as myself is concerned, although I do have an eclectic taste I do not play Rap, Hip Hop, Electronic, Modern R&B, Religious/Gospel or music that promotes hate & tracksthat include profanity.

Due to the number of submissions, I may not be able to reply to all, however, I will tag all artists on social media when the appropriate show is released.

Please note all radio presenters have a right to play the music they choose, submission of music does not guarantee airplay***

*Although Hat Tracks & Artist In The Spotlight only airs original music, I do play covers on Gig Guide & Jukebox.

**Please send all EPK's in PDF format NOT 'WORD' etc. - Unsure what to include in an EPK? Here is a video from Mike Evans (Unsigned Radio) - Watch Here

***I have put together a more detailed guide to help independent, unsigned singers & bands with tips on securing airplay together with a useful list of links to stations & platforms. If you would like a copy Contact Me - with 'Music Submission Guide' in the subject line.

There is no cost for this guide, however, a tip would be very much appreciated - please see the bottom of the page.