Walk A Mile In My Shoes

What is it really like to live with a chronic health condition? To live with a disability? To cope with mental illness?

Have you ever been in debt? Know what it feels like to be homeless? Live on welfare benefits? Rely on Food Banks?

Care for a family member 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year with very few breaks

You have to be in one of these situations to really understand!

There are so many miss-conceptions, fake news reports, so much propaganda surrounding all the above, and more these days.

Tune Into Daz In The Hat Radios Walk A Mile In My Shoes listen to those who know what it's really like, listen to those really know what the truth actually is!

On the first episode of Walk A Mile In My Shoes Daz chats with a number of Young Carers who talk about the ups & downs of looking after a family member

If you would like to take part in Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Contact Daz: darrel@dazinthehat.com

***Please Be Aware - This show touches on the subject or self harm & suicide***