Calling All Music Lovers


IT/Admin Support

Equipment Required

  • Computer/Laptop

  • Podcasting Microphone - £20+

  • Software - Audacity is free & runs on all platforms.

  • Music - Build playlists from your own music &/or receive music via our mailing lists.

  • Quiet area for recording

Shows should be of musical content, not promote hate speech or discriminate

Whether you are looking to gain practical experience or something to do in your spare time Daz In The Hat Radio offers something for all.

Present your own show - Bring the music you love to listeners around the globe with either a1 or 2 hour slot, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Work in the background with essential tasks which include: Audio Editing, Scheduling, Social Media, Blog Posts, Newsletter & Maintaining Web Site.

All positions remote. Training given if needed. References available when/if applying for paid positions.

Equipment Required

  • Computer/Laptop

Training & references available if required

All presenters own copyright to own shows

We are particularly interested in those wishing to host:

Blues, Rock, Jazz, World Music, Hip Hop, Reggae, House

  • Reliable Internet Connection